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Metal roofs are becoming increasingly popular among Waterbury homeowners. Why is that? Well, recent advancements in roofing technology mean metal roofs have a ton of new benefits. In fact, many homeowners think that metal roofs combine the best of value, style, and practicality. Not only do metal roofs last over 40 years, but they also come in styles and finishes to match any house.

Best Way Siding and Roofing is a roofing contractor in Connecticut specializing in metal roofs. Our professional roofers have over a decade of experience working with metal roofing systems, including metal roof installation, replacement, and repair.

Want to learn more about metal roofing installation in Waterbury? Call us today or reach out online to speak with one of our knowledgeable remodelers! 

Why Install Metal Roofing on Your Waterbury Home?

With how popular metal roofs are becoming in Waterbury, there’s a good chance that some of your neighbors have already upgraded to metal systems. In fact, in the last ten years, the number of houses with metal roofs has gone from only 2% to a whopping 12% and is continuing to rise. 

If you’re considering a metal roof, here are a few questions that can help you make your decision: 

How long do metal roofs last? A long time! Between 50-70 years, in fact. That’s much longer than standard asphalt roofs that only last between 10-20 years. 

Do metal roofs need to be replaced? Eventually your metal roof will need to be replaced, but only about once every half-century or so. If you have an older metal roof, we’ll install a new metal roof and help you recycle the old one. 

What does a metal roof look like? A lot of different things. Metal roofs are highly versatile and come in an array of different colors, designs, and patterns. Some styles of metal roof even imitate premium roofing materials like tile, slate, and wood shake. 

What other benefits does metal roofing have? Metal roofs are energy efficient, rust resistant, corrosion resistant, and highly durable. 

Questions about what other benefits metal roofing can offer your home? Contact us today to learn more! 

Metal Roofing Options for your Waterbury Home

Metal roofing comes in an array of different styles and finishes. Here at Best Way Siding and Roofing, we offer a number of popular metal roofing choices, including: 

  • Aluminum
  • Stone-coated steel
  • Copper
  • Galvalume Steel
  • Standing seam
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • And more! 

Choosing the right style of metal roof for your home or business isn’t always an easy choice to make. After all, there are a ton of options available at different price points. Our metal roofing specialists are happy to listen to your needs and help you choose the perfect metal roof for your upcoming installation! 

Trusted Metal Roofing Company in Waterbury

The Waterbury roofers at Best Way Siding and Roofing have years of experience working with metal roofing systems for your Waterbury Roofing project. Whether you need metal roof installation, replacement, or repair, our roofers will get the job done on time and under-budget. Just take a look at our many positive reviews to see what other homeowners in Waterbury are saying about our metal roofs! 

Ready to get started on your metal roofing project? So are we! Give us a call or fill out the convenient online form today to get started! We’ll schedule a free consultation and offer a price estimate for the project.

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