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Storm Damage Roof Repair in Waterbury, CT

Your roof protects your home and family during storms, but that protection can come at a cost. Each year, hundreds of roofs throughout Waterbury are damaged by inclement weather including high wind, heavy rain, falling tree branches, and the occasional hail storm. If your roof has recently suffered storm damage, Best Way Siding and Roofing is here to help! 

We’ve offered fast, reliable storm damage roof repairs in Waterbury since 2011. Our trained roofing specialists have worked with countless homeowners to fix their storm damaged roofs with speed and efficiency. Our roofers work quickly to prevent the damage from spreading throughout the rest of your house. We’ll even work directly with your insurance provider to make the process as smooth and streamlined as possible! 

Questions about storm damage roof repairs in Waterbury? Reach out today to speak with one of our friendly roofing experts!

Pay for Storm Damage Repair with Insurance

If you’ve never made a claim with your insurance company for storm damage roof repairs, the process may seem daunting. That’s why we put together this helpful step-by-step guide to help you get insurance coverage for the damaged roof.

Step 1: Call Best Way Siding and Roofing to set-up a free storm damage inspection

Before we can repair your roof, we need to know the extent of the damage and how much the repairs will cost. We’ll send out a roofing inspector for a free roof inspection. Next, we’ll put together a free price estimate that you can share with your insurance company. 

Step 2: Call your insurance company to schedule an insurance inspection

Once your insurance provider receives the repair estimate for Best Way Siding and Roofing, they’ll want to send out their own inspector to corroborate our findings. The insurance inspection will set a budget for the repairs, which we’ll work with to get the job done.  

Step 3: Set-up storm damage repairs with Best Way Siding and Roofing

Once we’re all on the same page for the storm damage repair plan and budget, we’ll get to work on fixing your roof! We’ll work within the budget laid out by your insurance provider and stay in communication with them along the way to make sure you’re getting the best value for the repair work. 

Step 4: Receive Insurance Payment

When our roofers finish up the storm damage repairs, we’ll send the final invoice to your insurance provider. Next, the insurance company will send the funds to your account. Best Way Siding and Roofing will then reach out to collect payment from you. It’s that simple! 

Trusted Storm Damage Roofers in Waterbury

If your roof gets damaged during a storm, you need to act quickly to stop the damage from spreading to other parts of your home or getting worse. Water damage, flooding, structural instability, and mold are all side-effects of a storm damaged roof. Luckily, Best Way Siding and Roofing is here to make fast, affordable roofing repairs!

Our Waterbury roofers have helped homeowners recover from storms since 2011. Thanks to our speed and professionalism, we’ve become a go-to roofing contractor for storm damage in Connecticut. 

Ready to get started? Call us today or fill out the online form–we’ll schedule an inspection and help you file the necessary paperwork with your insurance company. 

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