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Hail Damage Repair in Waterbury, CT

Hail storms don’t roll through Waterbury very often, but then they do, they leave behind roofs damaged by falling hail. The extent of the damage depends on the size of the hailstones, which can range in size from a pinhead to a golf ball or even larger. You can see how this can seriously mess up your roof! 

Best Way Siding and Roofing is one of the leading providers of hail damage roof repair in Connecticut. We’ll do a hail damage inspection and work with your insurance company to make sure the cost of roofing repairs is covered. In the meantime, we’ll make quick work of the repairs to prevent the damage from spreading throughout the underlying roof and the rest of your house.

Questions about hail damage roof repairs in Waterbury? Call us today and we’d be happy to answer them! 

Expert Repairs For Your Hail Damaged Roof 

Was your home recently hit by a hailstorm? Best Way Siding and Roofing can help! We recommend scheduling a roof inspection as soon as possible to prevent the damage from getting worse. Since our founding in 2011, we’ve done countless inspections for hail damage across Connecticut. Not every roofing company in Waterbury is experienced with hail damage, but our team knows exactly what to look for!
When we do a free roofing inspection, we look for: 

  • Damaged shingles 
  • Missing shingles 
  • Damaged roof flashing 
  • Skylights with damaged frames or flashing 
  • Vent hoods and chimney caps for flashing 
  • Gutters and downspouts for damage 
  • Roofing drip edge for damage 

As we run through this list, we’ll make note of any damage we find. Not only does our inspection help us with future repairs, but you can also submit it to your insurance provider for hail damage coverage. We want to make sure you’re getting the best value for your hail damage repairs!
Ready to schedule your free hail damage inspection? Call us today or reach out online to begin!

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